g'LOSS for DRAIN (2020)

BABY LOVE PILL (v.2) (7x7x12mm)

  2x Stud earring, S925 Sterling Silver

  2x Trigger back, S925 Sterling Silver


Size 00 (500mg) stamped Tapioca capsules sealed in printed PVC suspension case ft. g'LOSS holographic auth. seal.

Numbered edition of 444 PCS (222 pairs).

Made in Istanbul (TR), Guangzhou (CN) & Zhejiang (CN).

Assembled, imprinted and sealed by hand in Stockholm (SE).

Store dry and clean to prevent oxidation.


Made with manic obsession

Official Drain© Licensed Product 2020



g’LOSS for DrainGG (2018)

Grand Tour D-9 (SEP)

Silkscreen & transfer print on sublimated Microfiber (50%Polyester, 50%Polyamide) with embroidered patches and YKK quarter-zip.

Length / Chest / Sleeve
S / 690 x 520 x 390mm 
M / 700 x 540 x 395mm
L / 700 x 580 x 400mm
XL / 710 x 600 x 400mm
(Size down for Sexy fit)

Edition of 199 PCS
Made in Istanbul, TR. September 2018.

Official Drain© Licensed Product


g’LOSS for DrainGG (2018)

LOVE PILL (15 x 16 x 3mm)
  1x Pendant, S925 Sterling Silver
  1x Chain, Stainless Steel (465mm)

PVC/ALU Blister Pkg (73 x 54 x 6mm) & Baby ZipLock in sealed card box ft. g'LOSS authentication holo-seal.

Numbered edition of 175 PCS

Handmade in BKK, Thailand
Sealed in Shenzhen, China
Assembled in Stockholm, Sweden

Official Drain© Licensed Product 2018


DRAIN & g’LOSS (2015)

Silkscreen print & rhinestone crystal on 100% cotton.

Two-piece construction with bound neckline.

One Size (744 x 656 x 444mm)

Edition of 52 PCS
Made in BKK, Thailand.

Official Drain© Licensed Product 2015


g’LOSS for g’LOSS (2014)

Silkscreen print on heavy canvas
Vacuum sealed and ZipLocked ft. g'LOSS authentication holo-seal.

Print selected at random (1/4)

Edition of 21 PCS
Made in Sweden.

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